Not Your Prodigal

April 9, 2019

“The story of the prodigal son comes to my mind. It is the only way I will be able to deal with this. I’ll wait for you with open arms when you come back home… until then, I’ll pray for you to have your eyes opened by the only true God that you have put on the back burner…“

These words, sent to me by my father, may seem innocuous. Maybe they even seem loving or kind. But make no mistake — these words, and the others that accompanied them, are manipulative, abusive, and deeply hurtful.

What prompted this message? I came out as bisexual.

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I'm not saying I'm Captain Marvel, but...

March 15, 2019


I’m not much of a superhero person; in fact, I’m not much of a movie person in general. This week, however, I watched Captain Marvel and found myself moved to tears.

Carol’s journey resonates deeply in my body because our paths have been all too similar.

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Image Credit Marvel Studios

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Ways I Honor My Bisexuality (without kissing women)

February 14, 2019

Bi+ erasure and invisibility often make me feel like my bisexuality doesn’t actually exist unless I’m walking around holding hands with my obviously cis male partner and kissing an obviously cis woman at the same time while wearing a shirt that says “I’M BISEXUAL!” in all caps.

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Queering Eve

January 31, 2019

In every sermon and Sunday School lesson about Genesis 3, Eve was always the antagonist of the story. She was the one who disobeyed God, who communicated with the serpent, and who convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. She’s the reason shame befell the human race and the reason God kicked them both out of the garden.

But what if Eve wasn’t the bad guy, so to speak?

What happens if we come back to this text with fresh eyes and a different hermeneutic?

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The Kind of Sex I Thought I Wanted

January 24, 2019

Purity culture trauma left me with a pretty severe case of vaginismus — I could barely insert small tampons, I couldn’t handle a gynecological exam, and I definitely couldn’t have penetrative sex.

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Only She Can Save Me

September 27, 2018

picture of me laying on a beach in the shallow water

I walk daily in a world where
this picture
this swimsuit
this body
will cast doubt on the truth of my experiences

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